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Ghana gonna garner Gunner

It’s a late pm right now and most of Ghana is asleep. Ok, my mum is not! She’s walking her tired self all over the corridor and I can hear her stroll to her room. Aside that, all is peace and quiet (if I am not typing).

I’m inside Ghana. We love to call it GH, and it’s been a wonderful season past with all the football action and everybody rubbing it on as how much of a talented bunch we all are. Ma guy, it was only 23 players giving the rest of us 23million a good name. We can’t kick a thing, even though we’ll accept the extra weight that our contributions carry at football debates. It’s a good time to be Ghanaian.

Yesterday, news came in that Asamoah Gyan, who we affectionately (how boring!) call ‘Baby Jet’ is on his way to Sunderland in a record move. More to be pleased about. Following Essien’s partial and Appiah’s irreversible retirements, this is good news. He’ll be leading an attack that will be supported at the back by comrade John Mensah (the Rock of Gibraltar; where do we get these names anyway?). We love them like that.

The Baby Jet
Asamoah Gyan

So if anyone thought I’ll be talking about Arsenal because Gunner appears in my title, I’m sorely sorry. That word is English. My favourite team Chelsea has blasted in 14 goals already this season and has conceded none but that still doesn’t make them my blogging taste at this hour. Today, I’m showing some love for the Black stars and then we can talk about other teams later, if we ever do.

The day Ghana beat the U.S in the round of sixteen in S.A., I was in Kumasi. That is Ghana’s football capital, if you need a telling at all. So what did the Sianos do? There were traffic queues of happy-horn-tooting taxi drivers who forgot momentarily that they were supposed to be making money on that fuel. The flags draped the cars in all majesty and showed what a truly patriotic army we have on our roads. People hitched free rides on taxis all in the name of celebrating the team. Police men (?!) joined the party. One bar at Susuanso was over-run with drinkers. You know what? They borrowed from the other bars to meet their demands. Ghana for you!!! Everybody felt the GH attitude. We turned and baptized ourselves with our high hospitality reserved primely for visitors. It was a great time to be Ghanaian, it was a great time to wear the replica Ghana jersey. For Asamoah Gyan’s sweet goal sake, it was  a great time to meet at the bar.

So in the plenty discourse that went on at that meet, I gathered, most fondly that, many Ghanaian girls had found love again in Dede Ayew (man-of-the-match) and Kevin-Prince Boateng (first goal scorer). You know how we go crazy about these things especially if you are a certain Junior Agogo. He’s why I said ‘love again’. They’ll love you alright. And even send their beautiful daughters (whom they’ve been saving from the rest of the neighbourhood) to your door-step, asking for a dowry…until you start to flop it. What a waste! I’m smiling.

So, today, it’s good news that Asamoah is going to Sunderland, where we can keep our eyes on him and gloat over him all we can. The French league meant that we were not seeing him much; the EPL is in almost every home. When he plays against any team, once there is no Ghanaian in that other and once no die-hard allegiance be already formed, 23million of us are going to love our Baby Jet all the way to the clouds, and watch him bang in goal after goal after goal after goal. Cheers already!

It’s a few minutes to Tuesday (more like today is on the brink of tomorrow), and by the weekend, all our boys will converge on Lombamba in sacrifice of the Swazi national team. We are beginning the next round of qualifiers for CAN 2012 and with coach Milo (there we go again; the man’s name is Milovan!!! aaba!) having signed a new deal to take us all the way to the next world cup in Brazil 2014 if he be alive (so help him, God!), we are all keeping our jerseys washed and ready because there is going to be a party all through to the finals. Well, we hope! In GH, we have become accustomed to the world cup and anything short of a knockout round berth is a failure. Wait, wait, wait! Let’s qualify first. In fact, let’s play Africa first. We all know we’ll be smiling to the world cup but right now, let’s dust it all up and invite everybody else to the party. Aha ayɛ dɛdɛɛɛdɛ.

Got a vuvulani (ei! sorry ooo), vuvuzela already? You might just need one. I’m off to bed.