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I read this from Wikipedia: “The trend for young doctors and nurses to seek higher salaries and better working conditions, mainly in the West, is killing the healthcare sector in Ghana. Ghana currently has about 2000 doctors—one for every 11,000 inhabitants. This compares with one doctor per 2000 people in the United States. Many of the country’s trained doctors and nurses leave to work in countries such as Britain, the United States, Jamaica and Canada, in what many refer to as the brain drain. It is estimated that up to 68% of the country’s trained medical staff left between 1993 and 2000 and according to Ghana’s official statistics institute, in the period 1999 to 2004, 448 doctors, or 54% of those trained in the period, left to work abroad”.

Ghana is one of the largest exporters of readily-cooked expertise on the African continent. ‘’Go to school and after that, fly’’ seems to make very popular sense. I’m at my study thinking about what inspires this. And this list is born!!

5.  Maintaining the cycle:

The rural people are still giving birth to 12 and 13 in today’s world, having absolutely no idea what the government means by family planning. The 12 and 13 are migrating to the urban areas and crowding the place out. The urban people are flying and creating more room for rural people coming in…and the rural people are still giving birth to 12 and 13. Never-ending.

4.  Nkrumahism:

Like, we’ve all been complaining that since Nkrumah, there has not been anyone worth the salt to change our fortunes together.  So, some self-proclaimed Moseses have determined to perhaps, go outside and return, just as Nkrumah did, and see if they will come back ready to lead us all by a noose to the promised land. Wherever that is!

3.  Disneyland and Hollywood:

If you can sate a Ghanaian’s hunger for the lies that live behind the screens, you have outdone Napoleon himself. And we want to go and see ‘’fiili fiili’’ where all the action is coming from. We carry our kids along to see Barney and Duffy and Tyke and the like, while Kweku Ananse hangs freely from the corners of our walls. What a waste!!

2.  Greener pastures:

Anybody who still thinks we don’t have green grass in Ghana has not been to the Akuse Club House yet.

1.  National Service Postings:

Imagine! 3 years of nursery and kindergarten, 6 years of primary, 3 years of JSS, 3 years of SSS, 4 years of tertiary and then crown it with 1 year of life in some hamlet with your phone backlight for a torch and coconuts for water in the name of national service. What anti-climax!! Who wouldn’t think of Europe after that last year has been endured!!! It will wash your sins away.

We can love GH more, can’t we?

On a more serious note,

Taipei Times says that 47% of our professionals live abroad. In Africa, only South Africa rivals our record.

Check this link if you please:  http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/world/archives/2005/10/31/2003278169