This is me -Delalorm Kpeli Semabia. I love a lot of things. Beautiful art, especially by Rembrandt and da Vinci. A little Picasso mottles the whole thing and makes it look good. Then I love poetry with a passion. I write too, and I think I’m good at it, otherwise everybody’s been looking me in the face and telling me one big conspirator’s lie. And jazz. Oh Boy!! My friends from Chemical Engineering class keep asking me, “How in the world did you end up here?” I tell them, art is too pure to be tainted by the strict demands of school. So I’ll do art but I’ll do what comes to me naturally. But beyond all the art….

I love Gh!!!! That’s what we call Ghana from inside. And I’ll be your guide on this blog on the fascinations of this place Ghanaians love to call home.

4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hello.
    I’ve been reading Ghanaian blogs all weekend and found yours through a link on a blog I’d found through another blog…that kind of thing. I just finished reading all your posts and I must say it was well worth my time. Love the free flow of words and the dab of humor you use to present your country, which I fell in love with years ago. Keep writing, while I go immerse myself in your poetry blog and see what good I can get there!

  3. Hi, I’m writing a book with a Ghanian character and was looking at your list of typical Ghanian phrases. I like it a lot, the only thing is that not being from Ghana, I couldn’t work out what was originally intended by many of the phrases. So it would be really helpful if you also added what is meant by them 🙂 Many thanks for your work.

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