They have come Again! Just like Me!

Ahaa, Ghana! I’m back here for you. And we seriously got to talk! Pull a chair and siddown! All the way.

How come, I took a short break, a really short break, and by the time I’m back, our president is dead and buried?! Some people talk too much. I’m sure Mr Mills just got tired of especially all those loud-mouth radio-politicians especially, who know 20pesewas change about running a country and yet spend their whole day in their studio-constituencies, bashing him till kingdom come. Well, he sleeps now, you shameless shout-about parliamentarians! (oh hey, it just hit me after typing that that maybe they’re called ‘parliamentarians’ because their job is to ‘parler’, French for ‘to talk’

Signage in Memory. Opposite Accra Mall, Spintex road.

Ok, so Mr Mills, rest in peace. I was in Houston for a couple of weeks but yeah, I’m back and good to see new buildings spring up all over Accra’s skyline. Hasn’t changed the fact that people are still hawking on our streets and making it look bad. And yes, one more thing I noticed on my return: the campaign posters have And the traffic.

Ok, so Ghana is plastered all over with a certain Mr This or Madam That shouting out skyscraper-high promises from fashion-weekly-style posters. These politicians can actually wear nice smiles, trust me! Every four years on their campaign posters! One woman will easily win her constituency seat not for anything she has done but the good job photoshop has done on her image. You’ll fall in love with that thing, I tell you! Painted a Mona Lisa out of her, bless her heart. God will bless all beautiful MPs. Amen.

So they’re at it again. One person says he’ll let us attend Senior High School for free and everybody is strangling the breath out of him. Please, the man is bearing on I spent one evening at my barber’s and the conversation went from this to that to that other, going back and forth until he started a long speech I knew better than to interrupt. He had dreamt something..No, he said it came to him in a vision and I was the first person he was sharing it with. Ok, Mr Barber, tell me!

He bought almost all of his hometown up! All of it! You see, I grew up in Akuse, just 30minutes drive from his hometown that I know so well. Mr Nat says he bought up all of Somanya and built a sprawling estate out of the thing and gave it back to the people, each one to one house. And then he built a stadium. And rightly so, aren’t both Accra Stadium and Kumasi Stadium utter jokes compared to the one he’s built in his vision? Plus swimming pools and hotels and huge markets and wasn’t his heart so kind that after all that, he just gathered all his townsfolk in a winding queue and called out one after the other, “Here you go, take! Your keys to a house. You here, the pools is your inheritance, hey kids on the street, you never will play football on that bare pitch again, understood? And you over there, will you spend a week in my hotel for free, seeing that you were kind to me some time ago?” And that wasn’t I a kind sir to be the one on whom he tells his plan that nobody else has heard?

Ei, Mr Nat!! You bought the town! Razed it down!! Built new houses. A Stadium grand enough to shame Accra. And then you just dished out keys like a fork-load of Indomie?? Ha! Politician!

So you see, the politicians have managed to work everyone into campaign mode. Nat didn’t say he was going to campaign after that for the constituency seat oo. But this one deɛɛ, how can you buy up the town? I mean, how? Plus, wasn’t it these same Somanya people who refused to give MTN a piece of land to put their communication mast on? Hehe…stingy people!

Houston Sky one evening. Looks like God is a painter too.

Ahaa, what was I going to say? It’s been so long since I put a post here, I think this one came to clean cobwebs. So please vote in December but don’t vote for anyone who can buy you a town, eh? It usually has bad consequences. Let me settle back in properly and then I’ll find time to tell you beautiful tooli from Houston. Nipa nso yɛ dɛn??

4 thoughts on “They have come Again! Just like Me!

  1. Lol @ maybe they’re called ‘parliamentarians’ because their job is to ‘parler’, French for ‘to talk’… HAHAHA *laughing heartily. Dela i love your pieces. How i wish i could be this radical in my writing too. I guess i’m way to lenient with how i out these things….lol. I ‘m learning!! *wink*

  2. Lol @ maybe they’re called ‘parliamentarians’ because their job is to ‘parler’, French for ‘to talk’… HAHAHA *laughing heartily. Dela i love your pieces. How i wish i could be this radical in my writing too. I guess i’m way to lenient with how i put these thing. guess i do too much! I ‘m learning!! *wink*

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