Merry Christmas.

A New year dawns
A New year dawns

When we ruled the neighbourhood as little kids, Christmas was about mischief. Knock on someone’s door and run, call your friend out and point a water gun in his face or just go stake balloon lotto till you get bored. Try-your-luck: that’s what we called it! I have no idea why I never won any fat balloon on that thing…smh.

So Christmas is here again and come and see Ghanaian children singing all over about their dreams for a white Christmas. Snowy white Christmas! Cracked lips and Harmattan is all they’ll get. I hear some shopping mall at Spintex dressed a host of Father Christmases to give away freebies to taxi drivers….there was a looong queue…lol.

Ok, so enjoy the season. Let 2012 come and let’s get more action as we roam Ghana a little again, catching people to bash.

Today is Boxing Day. Be nice to everyone you meet in the way, lest ye be boxed, Amen!

6 thoughts on “‘MAMA, MERRY CHRISTMAS!’ – ‘WOBƐRE EYI….!!’

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    1. Ok, when we were younger, there was this big paper card with about a hundred different-sized balloons sticking out of it uninflated. When you get to the store, they show you another paper numbered 1-100 and you choose one number. The shopkeeper then brings you the balloon corresponding to that number from the board. The joy comes when you win a very big balloon and there was one very biiig one that we all played for. Oh, childhood was waay fun. 🙂

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