Nsɛm pii
Nsɛm pii
Sometimes, I just don’t understand. Ahh…well, let me just keep my mouth shut before someone delivers me two hefty slaps nicely wrapped five long months before Christmas ooo, yoo!!

Believe it or not, plenty fist-fights are making the rounds here paa, and many people are nursing pitiful noses for kingdom come. When the NDC Congress was held last week, some macho guys were said to have gone there so that they can balance the equation just in case a few punches had to be thrown….lol…how they came back disappointed, packing their bags of fists with them all the way to Sunyani!! It wasn’t even funny – no punches to throw after a peaceful Congress, the lady well Konadued in the process. So much for fun.

Ok, so here I was, on my way from town yesterday when we came across a lively scene of people gathered and seemingly beholding a spectacle. Our trotro driver made it seem like he wanted to pick passengers and stopped right near the action. For me, the front seat was perfect spot and I stuck my neck out well to see what the action was. Tscho, I didn’t even stick it out for long!! Right before my very eyes – WHAM!! – then a lean, sad-faced man came stumbling out of the pack, his face twisted to the east and he staggering in the opposite direction, eyes closed and MERCY printed boldly in all manner of font sizes over his face. It wasn’t even funny. TWO DRUNKEN MEN WERE FIGHTING!! And they lacked the composure to stand on their feet and do the thing properly! Of course, the more sober one was winning. For the other one, na ayɛ ka!!

See people, it was late!! Like 7p.m. koraa oo. Responsible men of their type should have been watching GTV news with their children and here they were, testing each other’s cheeks in the twilight. The utterly drunk man couldn’t even speak to defend himself. Me, I will bet my last two pesewas to believe that he was probably even the one who was right. But….ahhh well!!

So our bus, having given us the chance to witness a non-promoted fight, hurried daintily on to bring us to our destination.

Today, in the trotro, I felt like talking on behalf of the mate, who was not even complaining! See, how can you board a bus, be bound for a 30pesewa journey, and then you hand the mate a 50cedi note so he can change it!! His entire day’s savings kraa will not give fetch you change! So some two unscrupulous dudes decided this was what they’ll do. The mate couldn’t find the change, obviously, so he let the driver speed past their junction, Nonsense!! The boys didn’t take it kindly, barking their displeasure all over the bus! The mate waited, made sure we got to a distance where it will be too short to pick another trotro and painfully long to walk back to their original junction, then he dropped them off, giving them their entire 50cedi note back! Ahaa, the mate had his own reason for keeping quiet in the start…lol. And when he dropped them off, quietly cursed a solemn “next time” at them as they walked away. Too cute!

Ok so where did I go? I went to spot accommodation oo, people! My National Service ends in days and since I’m staying here in Takoradi after it’s done, I had to find a place for rent. All the time when I was ranting my head-load of trouble to my landlord-to-be, saa na the man was asleep!! This man who himself was just talking a few minutes ago, chale. Some grumpy old man who didn’t even turn an eye when I walked out quietly like a prodigal son come back home. He was asleep – flat. Oh, so tomorrow I’ll go back and finish the negotiations, but I’ll carry cola nut along so that he’ll chew liveliness into his life while I settle my dues, na adɛn! If he sleeps again, I’ll talk to myself and conclude the deal, Period!!



  1. hahhaha lol, wow, ei the things you see deɛɛ, one in town. haha, honoured to say, i knew about the old man story first. yay!
    Nice post.

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