Some people are weird oo. Can you imagine sitting in the back of a bus and right down from Takoradi to Accra, you talk saaaa like that’s what will pay your ticket?!! Buei!! This guy got me tired…but you know me….I was listening..lool.

So it’s not like he was talking to me or anything. He was just talking, passing a comment here, shouting at the other drivers, he was just jumping from conversation to conversation. Ah well, wetin be me too my business in this one??
There’s this craze on twitter by Ghanaians on there where they’ll flag a grammatical error as a #gbaa. If you fall inside this one, trouble don come for you na!! Ahaa, you see I’m writing a little Naija pidgin? It’s because Naija people have copied the thing. Our own #gbaaalert oo. And they call it something like #gbaagaun or whatever they call it. Me, I don’t play this game oo…and I’ve cooked up a very sorry response for anyone who flags a #gbaaalert on me. “Ma guy, oya!! Set English paper make we don write grammar, now now!!” Eheh!!

So I love Nigerians. The Nigerian guys in my class back in Chemical Engineering were in my study group and now on twitter they’re some of the loudest mouths. Like Niyi. He even started this blog not long ago and if you read it, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Ei, and Lateef and Bello and Kome. Kai!!

Yoo, so when someone tweeted “Lamboguinea”, didn’t it begin another hurricane whose effects have been seen all over the world and now even I won’t be surprised if it becomes a franchise from which the dude can make some money?? I mean, if I was BBC?? Come on, the guy needs the cash that comes with the fame. He’s already popular….why not satisfy the money part. Na twitter celebrity idon make. Oh…I hear some people don’t know what the real thing should even be!! loool…even you reading, eh??? haha

Okay, so I was talking about the guy on the bus. See, the dude was talking. Just talking!! He was just confusing me, getting me all worked up and denying me any concentration. It was a night journey. So imagine my glee, when he turned around and asked, “ei where have we reached?” and someone said Mallam junction. Hahaha…there he was, with a tweak on his face. He had missed his junction!! He should have gone down somewhere after Kasoa…how I laughed??? In his face!! That’s when I freely joined the conversation, gave him some fake consolation and….the heck!! It wasn’t even necessary. We were all just laughing….lol.

Okay so, Ghana meets Naija in many places. Our two countries are like the most brotherly in the world. We love it!!
Ah haa….let me see what I can do before the week ends!! Today is NDC Congress day so expect some weird campaign promises and results at the end. I say, if anyone brings a #gbaa from the Congress, dem go tweet um, na!! Oga, you say wetin…..



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