People, see what a harmless Facebook status can do to you!! Me and my unwitting self! I just posted a status update and Abena was able to drag a debate out of it; on Skype, on twitter, on Facebook…she won’t let me win in peace.

It’s been weeks and we’ve not been able to agree that I’m the winner so we thought we could ask all you wonderful people (please, only wonderful people allowed! ahaa) to help us decide. Which generation would you rather belong to? Argument begins with my status update:

Dela: Eagles Generation…
Abena: cheetah generation….
Dela: I soar, you run, we win
Abena: fastest runner if i might add.
Dela: haha…farthest flyer, if you should know 🙂
Abena: but cheetah generations are the best! lol George Ayittey, anyone??
Dela: Well, the Eagles have better perspective. You know that 🙂
Abena: the cheetah generations are going to take over though. lol u should check out George Ayittey’s cheetah vs hippos. then u would really want to be part of the cheetah generation 🙂
Abena: ‎”The Cheetah generation is a new breed of Africans who brook no nonsense about corruption. They understand what accountability and democracy is. They’re not going to wait for government to do things for them. That’s the cheetah generation” -George Ayittey… still wanna be an eagle? lol
Dela: …you should see me here, brushing my wings and waiting to take on the storm while the cheetahs are hiding in the shade. I’ll take on the whirlwind, no the windstorm, no the hurricane just by stretching out wide. And when it all seems unsurmountable, I’ll soar. Think about this with regard to Ayittey and the generations and you’ll understand. Still wanna be a cheetah?…lol
Dela: And I should credit you for putting Ayittey in this light. I need this kind of info for my poetry blog too:-)
Abena: :O ahaha.. cheetahs don’t hide though. you can go ahead and soar all you want, but cheetahs will reach that destination before the eagles any day! and in a hurricane, it will be raining.. wet wings anybody?? mmhmm.. cheetahs can still run even if they have wet fur! 😛 still wanna be an eagle? perhaps a CHEAGLE?
Dela: …I knew you’d lose that one. An eagle can soar ABOVE the clouds in a storm. No soaked wings, eh? And at such heights, it can see far FAR far beyond what any cheetah can see…wet wet pussy pussy pussy cat..lol..still wanna be a cheater…oh wait…cheetah? LOL
Abena: aaahh not fair! i didn’t lose anything! lol.. ok, but i still stress the point that the cheetah will reach its destination before the eagle. and the cheetah is clearly bigger and stronger and more powerful than the eagle. the eagle can bully other animals, but not the cheetah.. no no no, not the cheetah. try flying with wet wings. lol.and it’s CHEETAH! lol not cheater…
Dela: haha. Abena, you’re the best. BEST BEST BEST for intellectual discourse. I think the CHEAGLE will be one incredible brand (unless of course the CH- comes from chicken). But I should agree with you that the cheetah is a strong and fast one, but the eagle is big too. Long wing-spans and all of that. It’s a win-win combination, these two right here:-) you rock!!
Abena: hehe yeah win win situation. you rock too! lol u and ur wings nyinaa
Dela: LOL…you’re lucky I can’t lay a hand on you right now…anka wobehu…lol
Abena: lool anka menhu hweee u can’t do anything if u have wet wings.. can’t even fly. u’ll just fall down and break ur beak and little tiny feet. even if u do come koraa me the cheetah, i’ll just RUN! 😛
Dela: So you win by running away? Cool. Very cool. 😛
Abena: aha, oh, oh, oh.. heheh well i’m a pacifist. lol
Dela: You win!! *loud applause* haha
Abena: yayyyy i’m drinking Malt to that… no really true true, i’m drinking a malt to that. hehe
Dela: hahaha…you deserve every drop. You really do:-)
Abena: this is a late comeback, but the cheetah leaves footprints when it’s running; therefore, the little mini cheetahs can follow suit in the future.. the eagle on the other hand, can’t leave footprints for the baby eagles to follow! AHA! i win. tenq u very much. tenq. medaase. 😀
Dela: Ahhh…I thought you had won already..lol. Ok.. the eagle needs to leave no trail because it belongs to the heights of the sky where no other animal can explore. Can you beat that??? 😛 And the baby eagles will always find new trails. That is the mark of an all-conquering generation. We don’t copy!! 😛 😛 😛 And oh…we can walk on land too…haha Do cheetahs fly, please???? Give me the crown back…lol
Abena: but u see, cheetahs are trailblazers and trendsetters. We don’t copy, other people copy US cuz we are awesome like that. aha. i’m keeping the crown. btw, the hawk, and the parrot can also explore the skies u know.. the skies don’t just belong to the eagle.. the eagle could just get hit by an airplane one day…just saying. aha! 😛
Dela: LOL…you wish!! no hawk or parrot can reach as high as an eagle. And it’s so large a terrain that no plane will ever possibly hit an eagle. maybe a car can knock a cheetah senseless but my eagle? no way!! and if they’re all that and all of that, why do cheetahs have to be running anyway? :P…haha
Abena: ahahhahaha rofl! oh jeez, we can debate on this alll dayy. and cheetahs are running ‘cuz we have somewhere we need to be! we’ve got goals and we are running to meet them and achieve our dreams.
Dela: You setting yourself on fire and you need to run? are those goals? eagles browse the sky majestically. no need to rush. we rule the skies, period. and the debate goes on and on..lol
Abena: ‎*sigh** i’m still keeping the crown
Dela: Yes, until I need it…you have been a good sportswoman.
Abena: if u need it, i’ll just run with it. 😛
Dela: hahaha…reading over again has been fun…lol
Abena: You know what i realized? this whole conversation could be a blogpost.. what do u say? this could be the collaboration you mentioned earlier.
Dela: Exactly! Maybe I should process it so that we get other people to break this tie for us!! I’m going to win…hehe

So people, here it is. Please break this one for us wai. And let us rest this debate once and for all. Adwobrɛw!!



  1. This is a very interesting convo. Many animals in Africa provide example of leadership for us. We’ve been slugging as Africans. Maybe we could learn from the ant or the African honey badger. CHEAGLE is the winner with the Eagle have 70% proportion. lol

  2. masa, this shouldn’t be a big deal koraaa. The eagle is the deal. What has a cheetah got? To me, more reference is done to an eagle than a cheetah. Go check the scriptures mpo. Sorry Abena. This one de3 ank) yie

    1. OH! opanyin paa. Onyame nso bɔ cheetah oo.. The cheetah was also in the Garden of Eden. How’s that for scriptures? lol.

  3. I’m all for the CHEAGLE in practicality but if I were to choose one…I might have to side with the Eagle. His perspective is the most vast and he’s not obstructed by anything (a cheetah might have to cross a river, maneuver a forest plus deal with other animals). An Eagle’s path is straightforward. (Though I must admit a cheetah would grow stronger and wiser by dealing with these challenges, hehehe)

  4. i think cheetah cheetahs can tear a eagle in two pieces. but if the eagle is in the
    sky it can pick the cheetah up and eat it . the fight i just saw was cheetah vs jackal
    this was cool! the cheetah was sleeping and the jackal charged at the cheetah and started to eat his but!

  5. Thank you, Mr. Ayittey, for your perspective and taking the time off to attend our conversation. Amazing eye-opener for where the true problems lie: on the ground!! Good video and good show for the Cheetahs.

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