Clap clap clap!! Ok, people, listen up!!

How about we dig into some tech stuff right now, you and I, huh?

Ok, GH, stand up!! There’s a group shining out of Maryland, USA, descending on our nerdy heads with the next best thing coming after my post on Barcamp Takoradi and Garage48. Now, Coders4Africa deserves much love, y’all. Let me hear some noise in the house already. Yep, yep, that’s how we do it. Now sit up and listen up!!

Coders4Africa, is an NGO based in Maryland, USA with an initiative to provide FREE professional training on a variety of programming platforms (such as Microsoft, Google and JAVA), frameworks and tools to 1,000 African software and application developers by the year 2016. One of their main goals is to create a strong community of software developers that share and transfer knowledge among themselves and to future generations of African programmers. They want to present Africans a different perspective, participating in the African ICT revolution as programmers, developers and engineers and not simply as consumers and super users.


Their next conference is at the AITI in Accra June 18th and 19th and is sponsored by Oracle. Tell me you are not excited already and let me cross-check your will with you first before I read your death sentence out in one sentence loud and clear, banished to eternal glory. Ahaa, the thing is that you guys love Ghana. You love to hear Gh in the news. This group has a Ghanaian partner as part of a West African team and comes right after I read a now-archived post about Ghana becoming Africa’s next app developing hub to watch. What are you still waiting for??

So, come the 18th and 19th, please drag your laptops and your listless behinds all the way and let’s congregate at AITI for much-needed programming schooling. And it’s Free!!! FREEE!!
Read more here and pick the minds of the brains behind this heaven-sent deal right here.

I’m out. Stand Up!!


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