One Team
One Team
I love stuff like BarCamps and idea-sharing meet-ups and I can’t seem to have enough of them. Guess what’s being launched today??? Garage48!! Yay!

Ok, don’t start giving me that “what is he talking about?” face because I have been away for a very long time. Let me tell you what this one is about and you’ll see. You’ll forgive me quickly.

Garage48 is the ultimate original solution to reversing brain drain and improving local innovation. Think about it. More Ghanaian peeps study abroad, acquire skills and then never return. Some companies also insist on hiring expats who are paid ten times our local salaries (plus work permits, working cars, working accommodation, working everything) and who leave after a short time. And all this while, some brilliant Ghanaian mind that can do the same thing is being wasted. Not anymore!! There is a project that is bringing employers and back-to-Ghana employees together. And this is only one of the projects at the Accra launch today the 15th of May.

The project is called the Back to Ghana project and they have an audacious task ahead which they are bracing quite nicely. Let me put it in my friend Ethel’s own words, who is part of the team.

Back to Ghana brings back home talents from abroad and connects them with Employers and Business opportunities!
There are a lot of companies in Ghana who hire expat because they want somebody who has learned in foreign university and have experience of working in Europe, States, wherever. But there is a lot of Ghanaians out there with same values. So why hire an expat for who you need to get a work permit (which is very expensive) and who most probably will leave after few years working here when you can hire a Ghanaian with same knowledge and who does not need a work permit to be hired in his home country and who would be a much more permanent and more loyal employee.
Or if you have gained your business management degree abroad – very good! But come and start your business back home – it’s easier here!

I totally agree with this project. And why not, it’s about bringing all those wonderful Ghana peeps back home. Anything for Gh. (Guest blogger Abena calls Gh her own modified version ‘jee aych!’ It’s cool, ankasa, anaa?!!)

So Garage48 is supposed to bring creative innovators together. People who have a solution to local problems like matching home-seekers with landlords, an EazyResponse app that helps schools get in touch with parents via constant notification, an Electronic Personal Assistant , Housing Directory, a Unified Public Private System for document sharing, archiving and retrieval by institutions and an online retailer. That’s awesome.

So, drag your lazy, home-sitting behind all the way to the Kofi Annan Center today and witness the Ghana launch and I tell you you’ll be a better person for all you’re worth. And support the Back to Ghana project.

Follow their feed on twitter with the #GARAGE48 hash tag and get more info from their site here. Thanks to my Estonian pal Ethel Köök for drawing my attention. And look out for her group too, launching the Back to Ghana project. Site here

So what are you still waiting for, eh???


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