Every Ghanaian is a Black Star
Every Ghanaian is a Black Star

Did you read that article on the rating by Forbes? You people don’t read kraaa. Okay, here it is.
But I think there are some cool reasons why Ghanaians are the eleventh friendliest people as a bunch in the whole world. I’ll tell you why.

1. Oh, it’s nothing!!

Herh, Ghanaians can use this phrase papa. Anybody does anything even deserving of a sound slap and he can walk away cheap because the person who will deliver the slap will tell you, Oh it’s nothing!! My foot!! Go to Nigeria and see! They have been delivering hefty slaps since!! Typical Ghanaian: “Your house is on fire.” “Oh it’s nothing!”—–“ Your country is the 11th friendliest in the world!” “Oh, it’s nothing, really.” I mean….ah!!

2. Kelewele

Imagine that you have come from work. Your mind is on some serious fufu. You’ve got one chilled bottle of Alvaro in the fridge to wash all your sins away after that. It’s getting late and the fufu is not ready. Then you smell kelewele….

3. Weekends

Do you know how we spend weekends in this country? No. Nobody knows. We are always making noise: “Weekend, Weekend, Weekend, yaay…” but when it comes, no one knows what to do with it. Then we drag ourselves grumpily with our large heads of complaints out of bed on Monday because work or school has come!! Sankwas nkoaa..

4. Luis Suarez

The day Suarez pushed that ball out of goal, the whole nearly 7 billion of the world was watching. Then we didn’t find even one Ghanaian to punch him in the face…Yeah, right…we are friendly people….

5. Wembley

When Ghana played England last Tuesday, the world rocked to our gyama beats. The whole England turned into Nima for us, no size. We had our fun at the stadium to the extent that a certain Ghanaian boy called Danny Welbeck who had opted to play for England instead of us, started having second thoughts. He wanted burgers instead of aboolo. Now he wants aboolo…

6. Twitter

Some of you are still stuck on facebook. I can’t believe it. There was a certain December afternoon that #EnglishMadeInGhana was trending worldwide on twitter like hot cake. People were saying all sorts of funny, whack things in the name of Ghanaian English. And they were pointing accusing fingers at my blog too for contributing this article! What have I done? What have I done?? Me, I don’t like that oo, yoo!!

7. Our Daily Bread

Nobody has ever died of hunger in Ghana before. Do you know why?? We beg too much!!

8. Hearts versus Kotoko

People never play fair. The day Kotoko came from Kumasi to Accra and beat Hearts 2:0, the Kumasi people were chanting at the stadium that because Kotoko has won, then Akuffo Addo and the NPP too should be given the 2012 presidency just like that. Hearts people didn’t talk. The last time Kotoko people came to do such foolish things at the stadium, we know who went home with a swollen face….

9. Satellite Dishes

Now, even if you pass by a mud hut, you will see a polished dish smiling into space. Yes, we are happy people…lol

10. Asamoah Gyan.

Ah, this guy is supposed to just play football and score. But since we sent him into the world, he has been dancing saaa, what do you think the world will think about us??

11. Ghanaian Movie

It has to be up to part 11, at least, otherwise nobody will buy it. Herh, we are so happy…


  1. masa this ur blog de3 it will kill me with laughter. I have laughed saaaaaah i cant even sit. We are friendly and happy here ooo. I think ur blog shd be considered for an international award

    1. happy us:) We have all the happiness bottled up in our little heads, don’t we? International award? The 12th reason:) Tenk you tenk you:)

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