Mehn!! That game was something else. Ghana and England. When we finished, some dude said that based on the away goal rule, Ghana had won! Ei people! But, seriously, the atmosphere was something else. I’d love to be in that Wembley of a stadium one day oo. Hmm…one day one day!

Okay, if you’ve been reading this blog paa, then I don’t need to tell you I’m in Takoradi. And many times after work, I like to stroll at the beach, let the waves come and sweep my feet, write poetry as the tide comes and goes and watch the sunset. Mine, the best place to watch the sunset is at the beach, like seriously. All the elements are present. And I get to have a far-off view at those ships docking at the port at Sekondi too. Hey, last time I decided to take a few shots of the sunset. I was dreamily carried away.

The Sunset I witnessed. Pretty.
The Sunset I witnessed. Pretty.
Just before sunset
Just before sunset

Ei, and look at me at the beach watching the sunset again when this man comes with a piece of a barrel that he has cut in two. He walked past me and continued to go. None of my business but I continued to look at him go. No suspicions though but if you see somebody with a barrel on his head at the beach, tell me it’s not weird and let me keep my mouth shut! So I keep looking until he stops in the sand at a safe distance and starts to scoop the sand out where he’s standing, making a hole. Curious me, I hurriedly approached him for a sight of the whole thing. And guess what, he was setting a crab-trap.

Okay, so this is it. He dug a deep enough hole and put the half barrel inside it. I was like, Ah! Any sensible crab will see that! And before I could say Jack, he covered the barrel with a slit rubber sheet and put sand all over the side to hide it. Then he put those husky fibres that we all throw away after the palmnut soup has been made, all around his trap and put a rudimentary flag on it. Trap complete. Tomorrow morning, we will come and find crabs, he told me.

Hiding the barrel
Hiding the barrel
Finished Trap. And husk to dope.
Finished Trap. And husk to dope.

Ah, is that all? Apparently, these crabs will come and eat the husk, try to reach what is in the barrel, fall inside through the slits on the rubber and will never be the same again. Ahaaa, I was now getting it. So I told him to save some of the soup for me when it’s ready and just imagine a broad smile with two missing front teeth. Yes, that’s exactly what he flashed at me, thank you very much.

I want so bad to go into photoblogging huh! I have a feeling there are too many nice sites in Ghana to miss sights on. So, keep your fingers crossed for me, eh? When I do, I’ll keep the biggest shouts for you people who have been reading my blog even when I’m not updating it. What sense do I write anyway?? Some guy met me in town the other day and his friend, my friend as well, told him I was the guy who wrote that funny article they read that day ago, and see this dude just burst into uncontrollable laughter. Ah!! I mean, me too I have feelings oo. Letting the whole town turn their attention to me like that!! What’s my crime??

Too many nice things are happening in Ghana right now, I can’t even keep up with them all. But I’m sure that before I leave Takoradi, I would have set my own trap and caught the crabs some. Maybe koraa I will start a crab farm. And export. And stop getting funny people laughing at me in town. So help me God.



  1. you should start a crab farm! lol, interesting post, and who told u that we all throw those palm nut fibers away? eh who told you? We used it to start a fire on the coalpot for cooking oo.. hwɛɛ, we don’t throw anything away. hehe

  2. indeed ghana is word those skies took my breath away.thnkn of national service in t’di kraa.and u jst made me hungry with all this crab talk.

    1. Kwadwo, maybe you should visit Takoradi very often. Beautiful city by all standards. And I got more of those pictures in my facebook photos. Absolutely breath-taking. Thanks for stopping by, man.

    1. I wish I had gone the following morning to witness the harvest. I think crabs can be lame when you want proper meat paa!! But, I agree with you – crabs are great 🙂

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