Did I tell you that I love poetry? You people have not been reading my poetry blog here. Shame on you all!

Ei people, I went to Oseikrom last weekend for a Christian gathering of all universities in Ghana. Yes, it’s called Intellecto. And I had to minister a poem too. It was breath-taking. I had spent the weeks before trying the lines out at the beach with the waves sweeping my feet. Mehn! That was something!!

Ahaa so we are in Oseikrom. Kumasi. And on the Monday before I’d leave, I had to take a trotro from town to campus and have lunch with some very good friends I had left since last year. So, see me, an unassuming young man looking for a ride and here comes a huge bus. No way, not your ordinary trotro come calling. Just look at the picture here.

America. AWAY!!
America. AWAY!!

And the mate and driver were shouting all over the neighbourhood – Adum, Kejetia and so on. Only that, they were so excited about the abnormal trotro they had brought into town that, they affected everyone with their exuberance. Come see this driver screaming America, America, America on top of his lungs!! Yɛrekɔ America. And the heat caught on! Women who had market wares, and pleased that they had a big bus to carry all their stuff, literally run over each other just to get their tickets to supposed America. It was a happy scene, I tell you. And to make matters worse, both the mate and his driver were wearing neat white singlets and blinks around their necks, making them look typically Siano and moderately Yanki! No size kraa. So come and see! The market women joined the chorus once the bus set off, screaming their own America, America, America through the windows of this huge bus that turned heads with all the noise that we were now making on the bus, calling other people to come join us on this once-in-a-life-time journey to America. Adum! Grown men and women like that oo. It was not easy.

I mean, that was supposed to be enough, right? Wrong! It got worse when we got into trotro district where other buses came by-passing us to pick passengers along the way when we stopped ourselves. The women left the America calls to the driver and focused on the small buses. Insulting these other drivers they were, accusing them of not having any respect for women who have market wares to carry, with the silly excuse that their buses are too small to put up with such nonsense!! The women heaped thousands of unmentionables on them, saying that they will forever drive small buses all the days of their lives until they learn to respect unsuspecting market women who mean them no harm even. I didn’t have time to hold myself back. I was laughing it all away as we drove on. And did I even hear one woman scream from the back that our driver hurry it up so that our big bus can pick all the passengers on the way before the small buses get there? So that they can drive their small buses home empty and drink water on their hungry arrogance, who cares?? Oh my, Kumasi gave the fun! I was sweating with laughter.

Ok, so I’m back in Takoradi and two days ago, BBC started transmission here in the city on 104.7fm. I love their reportage so I’ll tune in when I’m in town and I’m not on twitter. One lady was granting an interview on yesterday’s transmission and she told the journalist that she walked into Tullow Oil and told them she wanted a job. Plain as that! They said to her, “but you are still in the polytechnic?” and she says, “I want to be sure that when I finish I will have a job so I have come to settle matters!” That’s what I call VIM made in Ghana. So if the oil people have come around thinking they are going to get things cheap cheap and walk away, they’ve got one more thing coming! We are ready to take charge of our oil and make sure it works in our proper interest, who is asking for qualification? In Ghana, everyone is qualified to do every job, tell them.

And so we are here. Let’s keep loving Ghana. And happy belated 54th Independence Day to everyone. Ghana Rocks.



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