Okay, listen up! You people all talk too much!!

Credit: MSNBC photoblog
I saw this cute pretty picture of an Egyptian woman affectionately blessing a policeman on the cheek in horrid broad daylight last week, when they were stressing their country’s president to get the hell out of the Pharaoh’s own country. The thing is this: if you are a Muslim woman in a Muslim country, you have not even a teaspoonful of a right to go kissing anybody in public, no way!! So the woman had what I call I N I T I A T I V E; you all sitting there and letting pretty loves walk away from you for the lack of it. It’s two days after Vals day and people have already scrubbed that old joke dry by which guys pick a fat beef with their girls just days to Valentine, giving them the right to keep off conversation for the whole period, with the intentional intention to save money on not buying anybody any horrendous gifts. Hehe..it works, I say. Right after Vals day, the beef is automatically settled. You ask me and I say that’s nansince!!

Yes, I was talking about initiative. People, I found some interesting group online doing marvellous things with that word. If you remember those boys scout days and how they polish you up like a tin soldier ready to march away your troubles, just transplant that idea to how serious they are about finding out new ideas in West Africa and making the world know about it, and you got it right…hehe. Ah haa…what’s their name kraa again? Erm…um..oh, how can I forget? Shoot!!
Maybe when I say more about what they do, it will help me remember, yes? Thank you, thank you. A little patience, okay? Ahaa!!

Ei, this is serious oo. I still can’t remember their name! I remember that every week, they bring out two new ideas or ventures as well as analysis from relevant leading innovators and entrepreneurs. Plus, every month they host a week-long online debate, discussing innovation in Ghana and surrounding countries. I know that it is something something Scout but the first word is like…innovation, initiative, genius, mehhn!! I think they got it all and they look for it all too. Maybe that’s why one word doesn’t describe them well yet. Oh, but we will find it.

I remember reading an article from their site on Innovation and ..ahaa, I remember the name!! But if you think I’ll tell you right now, you got one thing coming for you. That article was on Inspiring A Generation of African Children’s Authors and I thought it was a lot cool because those old Ananse stories we have been telling ourselves are now so over-recited, we can even say them off our head in our sleep. And, Ghanaian children are tired of hearing them, we all know. So, scouting an idea like that is most welcome, see? We should hear more interesting stories coming up not too long coming. Oh, I wish I were a kid afresh!!

Okay, so the thing is this: if you have any interesting innovation or idea you want to share with the rest of the world, and you are in West Africa, and you have been winking in the dark at that lady, meaning that nobody sees what you are doing, please, get in touch with The IDEA SCOUT right now and…oops, I let the name slip!! It’s your fault, letting me talk so much…

The Idea Scout
The Idea Scout
Yes, The Idea Scout will find you out and spread the word about your work like the Gospel, even political campaigns will look silly in comparison. I think it all works out well. So the idea is to get you connected to the coolest investors and also to get the coolest investors know where to invest their money.

My friend works in an office where, when somebody mistakenly dozes off mouth-open, the rest of the squad set on to making the silliest jokes about why you can’t find a fly when you need one!! To fly straight into that mouth and wake you up till kingdom come. They are joking!! But seriously, I think everybody’s got to go sleep and wake up with big dreams for the Idea Scout. Be you a budding entrepreneur, start up executive, management consultant, marketing director, trend watcher, journalist, private investor, business development officer, venture capitalist, NGO director, social activist, part of the diaspora, or just discontent with the normal way of doing stuff, theideascout.com can provide you with the widest-smile of an inspiration.

Let’s get to work and make this happen for us all, have you heard?? Start right now and click here. There you go…you have opened a door to seamless opportunity. No, that door is like the door to the world for your innovation and The Idea Scout has been keeping the key for like forever, where the heck have they been all this time even?

Yoo, let’s keep the black star shining wherever we go and let’s get serious about it, eh? And when you start something pretty creative, just be sure that you know where to go to make it advertised for you. As for me, (singing) “I’ve got my mind made up..and I won’t turn back…”


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