What was I even going to say? Ahaa!!!

I was in a parked trotro bound for Legon from 37, when a polite-looking middle-aged man had a call in the front seat. He was shouting his conversation over the top of his voice, distracting everyone in the bus. As Ghanaians are wont to do, nobody complained. We were all just quiet, listening to him talk to some obviously agitated fellow on the other side of the conversation.

Just then, here goes our man: “I am at Atomic. I am at Atomic”, ever louder the second time to get over the rev of the engine. A few people exchanged glances in the bus, knowing that in this traffic it wasn’t until about another thirty minutes that anyone of us will be at Atomic. We said nothing.

The mate was broadcasting their destination outside the bus. Before anybody could say Jack, here jumps this mate unto the bus and shouts, “Massa, are you lost? This is 37, you hear??” Loud enough to startle the man to the extent of almost dropping the phone. The dude was lying to the other chap on the line, the mate not knowing that he was on phone. His cover was blown and now, people were actually laughing on the bus, our man’s face flushed red with embarrassment. Lying old man!!! What was he expecting the children on the bus to pick up??!!!

I was on my way to Barcamp Accra at Ashesi University when I boarded this taxi. It’s almost Christmas and so these guys on the street have adapted their sales to suit the season, selling all kinds of play things, balloons, lights and all. One guy walks over while our taxi is waiting in traffic and he sticks this really loud, jumping-at-you toy in his mouth and is blowing away with all his might. The toy is an owl face and when you blow, some part like the tongue sticks out really long and rolls back in when the breath is gone. It was for kids. Tiny kids, koraa. So the woman who is sitting to my left, keeps looking at the dude as he stands at our window and blows, blows, and blows again, making a fool of himself. The woman is not amused. She’s not impressed at all. And so as the guy walks away from us, here she goes, trailing his view in the corner of her eye until he’s out of view and then she sneers and goes like, “Big boy like you!!!” How I laughed???

So, I never knew that Ashesi was such a nice place. I had heard, but I hadn’t ever quite experienced it. So when all the Barcampers met there, I decided to take a look around a bit and see what’s different on their campus. First thing I noticed was that, whenever I needed a bin, one was very close by. The grounds were paved and clean. The lecture halls were first class. I actually clapped for the vision to separate the different types of waste generated so that some sort of recycling can be done. I was saying, it to myself, “that’s the spirit!!”

Okay, so the year is coming to an end very soon. Pay all your debts and make sure to be good to anyone who needs your smile. Some bank people sent two mercenaries to tell one lady in my neighbourhood that she better comes to pay her two-year-old debt with them before they come and carry her away for christmas. Such unprofessional language coming at a season like this but Yes!! That’s how much it means to pay up. Every pesewa!! And so, she’s going all over the place to make sure that she has cleared herself before Santa Claus comes in different colours for her. God be her helper.

Let’s love Ghana more. Let’s enjoy Ghana. Above all let’s share the love for Ghana with the world. We are a blessed people.


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