Charle, I’m back from criss-crossing Ghana gidigidi like no one’s business. I enjoyed Takoradi, thanks to Jojoo (and when I get back, we better go to the beach this time, thank you!!) and then Kumasi was awesome. Not much has changed but new people to meet and all. VRA was getting ready to let Akosombo cough some water out of the thing when I got back and not many engineers are very enthused about it. At least, not in Akuse.

Some guy I met in Kumasi was saying that if at all we find the funds one day, we should divert all the downstream back into the upstream so that we can keep cycling the water against ‘a rainy day’…hehe. Interesting ooo, but when are we going to dream out this big engineering feat when we are fighting over who to call ‘kokooo ase krakye!!’ Excuse me to say, yentumi mpopa y’ano nso angoa mo nkoaaa na yedi.

When I get consistent with this PC thing, I will fill you in on all the filla from the west, the Ashanti and the capital. Aaaaall the filla. Some guy said that my PC needs a doctor to screw some things in. I said, thank you very much.

So, what exactly will convince you that you are in Takoradi? Or Kumasi? Or Accra, even? What odd things do these people do without even the faintest sign that it is as much odd to them as it is to you? Like, in a Sekondi-bound taxi, some two women were giving some young lady they were picking on, a serious verbal bashing. The lady was not in the car koraa ooo!! But the way they dramatised the thing, with one going as far as sticking her open palm in the small air space in the car and proclaiming “Nka nnyɛ dɛ me ntɛɛlle tɛɛlle no”. Easy, Madam. Easy!!

The best place to get beautiful original English-mix-any local language is the west. There’s more. I’ll keep the rest for later.

And what are the Kumasi peculiarities? Hissing taxi drivers. How they piss me eh? Again, for later.

When you almost get run over by a tro-tro and on top attract a huge “buulu” to ice the whole thing, ma guy, you’re somewhere around Nima or New Town, I can’t be sure. But you’re certainly in Accra. That, I’m sure of.

Let’s run, shall we? Thanks to all you out there who have been reading my blog in-between my looooong breaks. It pays, hehe. You’ll see the fresh articles first. And very soon, you won’t have to wait any longer. Ghana dey bee. Don’t you agree?


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