I think Takoradi has some of the most exotically-named suburbs in Ghana. I think.

When I got to Beach Road station around Market Circle, I saw all manner of taxis wearing those wooden sit-on-the head marks that declare where the next one is loading to. And yes, I saw more than enough cars with GT and GR number plates.

In T’adi, you have cool suburbs like Airport Ridge, Beach Road, Chapel Hill, Windy Ridge and the like. Makes for so much reminiscing on the modernity of this very compact city. T’adi and Sekondi are twin cities and share a host of things. When you get here and hear anything like ‘Pariskwaa’, don’t you worry. It’s actually some cute Sekondi area supposed to be called Paris square. Hwɛ nea Ghanafo de borɔfo ayɛ?

I’m just hearing that all this shows how much more attached this town is to the colonial heritage. You still go around seeing buildings marked ‘S.A. Morrison Legacy’ and if you have love for history, get a study leave, get a camera and scrap book and join me here at the beach.

Which reminds me….Accra has good respect in equal measure for the ugly and the dadabee. Once you enter Accra, pick up Agbogbloshie, Kokomlemle, Laterbiokorshie, Korley-Klottey, Bubuashie and mouthfuls of unpronounceably tedious names. The good thing, they are sprinkled around MacCarthy Hill, Ridge, DC, Legon, Lapaz and Madina.

There was one guy at the National Service office who was bragging his hear out about some small small children saluting him ‘Sir, Sir’ every morning at his new post. They will run to help him carry his bag from two miles and then make sure that he knows their name….for homework marks….hehe. He is making plans of organising extra classes for them and teach them computer, only that his laptop is the only one in the whole village. He’s found new love at his post.

And oh! He said there was good accommodation for 5 cedis and flats for 10 cedis. And now, he feels like saying, “Kuagbenu, I take back every ‘kwasia’ I said when I saw my posting, so help me God.” So help him God!!!



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