Today, the sun was up really early. I could hear the sea and I could smell the basicity in the air. Takoradi is a beauty.

I travelled with Jojoo yesterday on my way here and (as is likely), we were talking about what in the name of theatre those people are selling us in the name of Ghanaian movies. Like two sides of one coin -no relation to reality whatsoever. Very funny, lacking followable story lines and ending on part 4. Geez.

One thing I noticed on the way to this magnificent city was how many more people are heading West now. I was shocked to see Accra-style traffic inside Takoradi already.  This is Ghana’s ‘oil-city’, Akwettey was saying the other day.

So, as I head to Sekondi later this morning, I’ll be looking forward to seeing a few more GT and GR number plates and then try to see if I can beat the heck out of the next taxi driver who hisses at me.

I’m on a roll and Takoradi is the place.


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