Emile Nii Nortey Nortey has proven to be this blog’s greatest fan. He’s an Arsenal fan, an Akora and a first class Ghana-paramour.  He so wanted you to see this, he wants me to let you read it. Good article, good advice….Starts 🙂

Kpo, Kpinw, China, Togo, Dubai, Lybia, Synte; call it whatever name you want to. There is no denying the fact that these goods constitute a large part of the Ghanaian clothing market.

If you are a regular at Kant (in Accra), Railways (in Kumasi) and very recently Accra’s “ultra-modern” walk-through mall (Circle footbridge), then “designer” wears should not be new to you.

We wear this for Adidas. Geez!!
We wear this for Adidas. Geez!!

Talking about the ultra-modern walk-through, seriously speaking I think the vendors there are a discriminatory bunch. Why?  They only seem to sell ladies stuff. They certainly must have taken an idea or two from Buk Bak’s “meton niema “hit song. You can have a complete wardrobe change simply by walking from one end of the foot bridge to the other. Anyway, if you don’t happen to find what you are looking for on the footbridge, then I guess you can try the “mall annex”. Where is this? Well, it’s the area from the Kwame Nkrumah Gardens (bare ground and about three or four trees) aka “Maame Dokono” to the traffic lights leading to the Circle Station. Don’t worry; you won’t be alone especially if you are there between the hours of 5pm and 10pm because you’ll be in the company of a bevy of smartly dressed working class ladies who will either be “bending down and boutiquing” or standing and fitting. Depends really on what is for sale. Trust me, the prices are unbeatable.

That being said, my focus is on fake designer items that have for as long as I can remember always been around. I can’t for the life of me understand why some manufacturers just can’t be original or at least, try to use the correct words. If you want to come out with a clothing line or something of the sort, please be original!

Well I have just managed to come up with a list of designer names and the various modifications that have come out over the years. The names are (drumroll):

  • Nike-Nikke, Nikee
  • Adidas – Abibas, Abibos, Adibas,Addidas
  • Puma- Pumma, Puna
  • Timberland – Tingerland
  • Tommy Hilfiger- Tommy Hilfighter. Tomy Hilfinger
  • Reebok- Reebook,Rebok
  • Lacoste- Laqueste

And my all-time favourite:

  • Dolce and Gabbana – Dulce & Gabbaba

This is an endless list. Feel free to add on. But whatever be the case, we all have at one point in time owned a “kpinw” wear before. That reminds me; once upon a time a caring relative travelled to an African country (name withheld, but sooo obvious!!!) and bought me a pair of sneakers which had logos of three different shoe manufactures. In my ignorance (as is expected of kids) I wore it proudly to school feeling all “gbesh”. I really did enjoy all the attention I received but unfortunately the footwear did not live to see even the end of the week. I kicked a ball with it once and that was it.

In this day and age of technological advancement, you won’t be forgiven if you are found wearing something with a wrong spelling of a designer name. The least you can do before buying is to run a Google search. And if that seems like I’m asking too much of you, please heed the advice of the past government. Buy made in Ghana goods. Ei! Even that one koraa. In fact, just to be on the safe side, make Friday wear a whole week wear or just settle for tie & dye. You’ll be smiling.



  1. Excellent Blog..Now heear this!..I am from tne UK & very familiar with Ghana..For the first time ever I believe after talking to many guys & gals in Ghana I have access to supply..100% Designer Clothing..No fakes, no counterfeit, no copies, no Chinese just the best of their type..D&G, Versace, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, etc etc Just the best of their type!..Sourced from our warehouse in Monaco,,the worlds richest Principality. You would not get aWAY WITH SUPPLYING FAKES..FROM HERE!. It would be a prison sentence! I am via the British High Commission going to present to all the “movers & shakers” in the fasion business in Ghana. These are AT Last! THE REAL DEAL!

    Would all you guys & the opportunity to access these garmets/

    Welcome your views



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