Just when an honest guy like me wants to sit down to do some quality blogging with his vacation, my PC goes kaput!! The devil is a liar!!!

Yesterday, in Accra, a beggar walked up to my bus and I heard him say, “bring your substance…’’ As much as his plight was pathetic, this was hilarious. He spoke impeccably-rehearsed English and his audacity to use a phrase that was until then reserved for the clergy, made a very good impression on me. If I was close enough to give him anything, I would have honestly been paying him for putting the light right back into a drab day for me. I was sitting in the back of a tro-tro.

A few minutes after the beggar walked away, depressed at how bad the economy is nowadays and obviously disappointed at our stinginess, another man walked over to our bus and started preaching some sane English he had memorised from a book he was selling. It was titled “Everyday English Guide” and was a compilation of corrections of some of the wrong things we say as Ghanaians. That is what tickled my fancy.

So I bought a copy and I have not been at all disappointed at the Ghanaianisms that he has sought to correct so beautifully.  He could get a GES job.

Let me talk about what I have in mind to. This week, national service postings were released and a lot of my friends have been very far from impressed. What with stressing with Engineering for four years and then being sent away to some place to teach primary school kids who are just learning how to sit ….and not just any place…..some village you’ll need a map to locate. Mercy didn’t say no.

Let me give you a snapshot of what came up on facebook afterwards. `This was my friend Osei’s status after finding out his apparent misfortune…

Osei:  2011: Kpalsi Zion Primary School, Tamale will be in the limelight either for
1. producing the national best teacher
2.Anas’ video on the plight of pupils in the hands of a service person.

Then the responses came….

Brian: …the worst BECE and SSCE results are on d way…

Kwame:  masa, let it be number 2

Osei:  NSS will regret…

You see, Anas is Ghana’s best investigative journalist and he is notorious for bringing dark deeds into light. Stuff the government will never know about until they see his videos. His face is very well hidden from public and no one knows what he looks like. He could be anywhere doing anything at anytime.

So, if I am not wrong, Osei is representing everyone who has an axe to grind with the National Service secretariat using those primary kids as proxy.

Look at it this way: if you were sent to some place you don’t like, consider yourself an ‘’Angel of Light’’ sent to make the place better for next year’s service people because, surely, they also won’t like it. Then if you get there and you find that it really is a very tough assignment you cannot handle, you can quit the angel business altogether and get straight on to paying the government back for their subsidy on your tuition.  While you’re at it, remember to let the kids in on the info that we don’t take chop money. It’s housekeeping money at best.



  1. Musings as deep as I remember them, K-peli. Some of which I’ve actually had meself. Sometimes, though, it cannot be about paying govt back or even ‘serving the nation’. Sometimes, it’s just about the people beyond the cliffs and rivers, who can be so dearly touched, so greatly improved, so immeasurably blessed, by our fleeting presence in the untellable hardships that are their reality. Great blog. I’m subscribed.

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